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A Garden of Forking Paths

"In all fiction when a man is faced with alternatives he chooses one at the expense of the others. In the almost unfathomable Ts'ui Pen, he chooses--simultaneously--all of them. He thus creates various futures, various times which start others that will in their turn branch out and bifurcate in other times."

- Jorge Luis Borges, The Garden of Forking Paths

Each year, Barbara has a garden party for her birthday. She brings her family to enjoy a quiet meal in her beautiful and well-tended garden. This game charts the course of her life and the lives of those around her through the decisions made at these parties.

A Garden of Forking Paths is a LARP told in scenes. This is a game heavily inspired by Jeep format, not a traditional LARP. In each scene, four characters will face certain dilemmas, and make decisions that will affect the course of their lives. At the same time, two other groups of players will be playing the same characters and, possibly, making different decisions. Between scenes, players will be shuffled into different groups. They will generally play the same characters, but those characters may have made different decisions in the prior scene, causing them to start the next scene in a different situation.

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