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A compendium of LARPs (live-action roleplaying games), available here and elsewhere, for your enjoyment and inspiration.

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Games Archived Here

AfterlifeWhatever you thought the afterlife would be, this isn't what you expected. Xavid, Jayson Lynch, Katie Sedlar, and Faye Dukhovni11-172 hours
Persona: Too LateYou f*cked it all up. You could've saved the world, but you fell into distrust and jealousy, and Death found you easy pickings. But now you have a chance to turn back the clock and fix your mistakes. Can you learn to work together, or is it really too late? Xavid72 hours
The Importance of Being ConvergentEvery 100 years a mystical Convergence of the four elements reshapes the structure of Tetranan society, allowing the caste hierarchy to be realigned! Of course, it'd be highly improper for anyone to pretend to be a member of a caste they are not, so you have every assurance that everyone is exactly who they appear to be. Matt "Halftime" Peairs, Xavid5-122 hours

Other Recommended Games

Secrets and Powers

No Planet for Old PiratesIn a future where Earth has been forgotten, a small crew of pirates struggles to keep flying on the edge of known space. Espionage Party7-184 hours
PrawnPrawn is the 2 hour game of seafood that you play in a swimming pool. Mike Young16-202 hours
Storm CellarIn a rural Midwestern town in 1939, eight neighbors find themselves trapped in a storm cellar waiting for a tornado to pass. Kathleen De Smet and Eva Schiffer83 hours
Triple BlindA diplomatic scenario takes a turn for the unusual. An experimental larp that contains 9 characters split into thirds and randomly assorted. Mike Young91 hour

Collaborative Narrative

Darkness VisibleA freeform larp exploration of John Milton's life and his epic poem masterwork, Paradise Lost. Emily Care Boss74 hours
Ghost CourtA ridiculous party game about ghosts and the people who sue them.Jason Morningstar6+1 hour
In ResidencyIn Residency is about the relationship between trauma and art, and about the weird atmosphere of artists’ colonies, where intensely personal daily work rubs up against a claustrophobic cocktail-party environment at night. Brython: it’s where we’re all alone together. Lizzie Stark10-165 hours
SingularityA Transhuman Dating Show LARPCaitlynn Belle, Josh Jordan4-62 hours
We Are Roommates NowFiguring out how to live with other humans is hard- figuring out how to live with aliens is a whole 'nother game! Wendy Gorman2-82 hours


A Garden of Forking PathsEach year, Barbara has a garden party for her birthday. She brings her family to enjoy a quiet meal in her beautiful and well-tended garden. This game charts the course of her life and the lives of those around her through the decisions made at these parties. Susan Weiner, Vito D'Agosta, Nat Budin124 hours
The Road Not TakenWhen you are lost in the yellow woods of your life, which road will you travel? Mike Young, Aaron Vanek5-122 hours
UnheroesYou were superheroes who screwed up big time, though you don’t remember it. No one does. Reality was altered and the history that you used to know no longer exists, and never did. Now it’s trying to reassert itself. Will you leave the world like this, or change things back? Joanna Piancastelli5-92 hours


Still LifeThis is a game about relationships and their inherent instability due to forces beyond our control. Also rocks. Wendy Gorman, David Hertz, and Heather Silsbee4-102 hours

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