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Persona: Too Late

You f*cked it all up. You had a month to work together, to build your connections with those who unknowingly depend on you, to build your power and wrest the world back from the Shadows. But no one could agree who to trust, and in-fighting and deceit made your well-functioning team into a bunch of pathetic losers. And now Death Himself stalks the skies, and your university and the entire town lie in ruins. It is too late to do anything to stop him. Your power is based on your connections to others, and those are all torn to shreds.

But then a mysterious masked figure appears. She says she can give you a second chance, a chance to revisit your mistakes. Even in a world of Arcana, Shadows, and mythic powers, it seems unthinkable, but you grasp at any shreds of hope. But after everything that's happened, can you really rebuild your lost trust? And what if your companions have already been lost to the shadows? Regardless, you have to act fast, or it really will be too late.

Persona: Too Late is loosely inspired by the video games Persona 3 and Persona 4 (and rejected ideas from the 10-day Contact). No experience with the source material is expected or useful. It features time travel, social links, open-ended roleplaying, traitors, leveling up, and combat with shadows. Combat is via a card-based mechanic; time-travel involves either combat or short scenes in the past.

Game has some dark themes, including references to student deaths, drugs, and suicide, and uses some swear words.

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