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Singularity! Humanity’s most popular dating show, where all our guests find that special someone (or something!) [Applause.] Broadcast to over ten planets across four realities, Singularity matches each lucky guest Star with three suitors and allows them to choose the one they feel will take them to the top of the world... and beyond.

Humankind has discovered the technology to surpass our previous form. No longer bound by the rules of humanity, we are able to craft ourselves anew. With our bodies expanded and identities altered, our sense of self can now linger in the space between abstraction and self-actualization. Humanity has become something else, something other.

No longer the narrow flock of eshy humanoid we once were, you will instead find androids, human-esque constructs, abstract qualities such as Joy and Happiness made sentient, living next door to an ageless being with no face. Massive, living computer banks work side-by-side with quantum ghosts and electric skeletons. People change who and what they are according to in nite possibility.

With all our fantastic, impossible advancements, one fundamental aspect of humanity still eludes us.

Finding the one.

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