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The Importance of Being Convergent

Tetrana is a small but ancient and prosperous kingdom. Its most distinctive feature is its strong caste system, which divides every individual into a rigid caste based on affinity to one of the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, or Earth. Each caste has rigidly defined roles and a strict place in the social hierarchy.

Most unusually, however, every 100 years a mystical Convergence of the four elements reshapes the structure of Tetranan society, allowing the caste hierarchy to be realigned! This is obviously a most important event, and you are privileged to represent one of the four castes at the Convergence, with the power to determine if a Realignment will occur. You do this, of course, by using your elemental gems to summon your spirit butterfly. Because everything about Tetrana makes perfect sense.

Of course, it'd be highly improper for anyone to pretend to be a member of a caste they are not, and especially so at such an important event that will decide the future of the country for the next century. So you have every assurance that everyone is exactly who they appear to be.

"The Importance of Being Convergent" is a short game of politics, secret identities, and romance, but primarily ridiculousness. It won 2nd place in the Iron GM contest at Intercon N. It is optimized more for roleplaying, humor, and dramatic scenes than for cutthroat competition, and has few mechanics.

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